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Take 100 per cent fruit juice during harmattan, says expert

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A health and wellness advocate, Dr. BisiAbiola, has urged Nigerians to embrace consumption of 100 per cent fruit juice in order to reduce dehydration in this harmattan season.

Dr. Abiola, during the December edition of Chivita-sponsored health and wellness dialogue, also warned against indulging in excess sugar consumption during the yuletide. She advised individuals to take pure fruit juice instead, as it is healthy and highly nutritious.

According to the health and fitness expert, the dustiness and coarseness that is associated with harmattan in most parts of the country calls for increased intake of pure fruit juice as an essential survival strategy for both adults and children. ”Quite often, we talk about celebration without considering the fact that you can only have fun when you are healthy. What is your nutritional objective as Christmas and the New Year approach? Of course, this is a season of indulgence, but as a health-conscious individual, you must select your meals and drinks with your overall nutritional goal in mind. And I think pure fruit juice is definitely the way to go,” she said.

The wellness expert also urged individuals to adopt a healthy lifestyle to help reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. She said that balancing one’s diet with pure fruit juice consumption could reduce the severity in the case of individuals who are suffering from such challenges. “The available evidence relating to 100 per cent fruit juice consumption indicates modest benefits for blood pressure, while there is also an emerging trend revealing inverse associations between 100 per cent fruit juice consumption and risk of stroke. Overall, this suggests that 100 per cent fruit juice is an appropriate choice of beverage for a heart healthy diet,”she stressed.


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