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Offering Comprehensive Healthcare Support Services

By our exposure to diverse world class healthcare facilities across Asia, Europe and the USA, experience spanning three decades in the healthcare sector and expertise so acquired with adequate necessary qualifications of course, we are able to offer pertinent healthcare promoting services as follows:


Strategic Healthcare Consulting : Across a wide range in healthcare delivery, we can strengthen delivery systems and structures as may be needed in Hospitals, Clinics, Government Health institutions, Rural Community Health Centres, etc

Hospitals Services Marketing and Medical Tourism :

We represent international Hospitals across the globe especially state-of-the-art facilities in India, Singapore, Turkey, Germany and Israel, marketing their services in Nigeria. We also assist needy patients, their families and doctors to facilitate their medical value travels from visas to airport pick ups at destinations, hospital stay and lodging, airport drop offs, travel back and post treatment management in Nigeria. We will ease the patient and their families, of the attendant stress – this is always our promise to our clients and we always deliver.

The usual protocol is as follows: Send medical reports, expert medical opinion on treatment options follows within 36 hours, pertinent discussions with all stake holders and decisions taken, preparations for travel, travel, reception at destination hospital, support throughout stay and guided return to home country and follow up as may be necessary. For enquiries, contact us asap