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Business Management Consulting

We offer cutting edge and winning solutions to solve our client’s management challenges at the most cost effective terms at minimal disruption of day to day business but with the best and most optimal results achieved within the shortest possible time frame. We just do more for our clients all the time including the following:

NMA week 2012 (13)

Feasibility Studies Report by which banks and other financial institution funding may be accessed.

Sales and Marketing Promotion to increase sales significantly over a given period of time as well as increase brand equity for specific products over agreed time frame.

Human Capital Management Services including Recruitment of fitting value adding staff, Training of personnel for required skills sets and effective performance, Payroll Management, Out Sourcing Services and other Personnel requirements of our clients.

In providing succinct Business Strategy Support to our clients, we collaborate with them to figure out where their businesses are at and envision where they want it to be within a given calendar period and plan the how within the available resources at the most optimal of costs.