Trust BFK with your Nigeria errands

Trust issues have become real big issues nowadays because of greed and covetousness arising from a combination of the lack of love and lack of the love of God in the hearts of many people. And so errands that used to be taken for granted in the past are now sources of terrible problems especially for people abroad on in the diaspora wanting to get important things done at home in Nigeria. They cannot find people to trust without regrets. For this and other security and safety considerations, a lot of people overseas are terrified and find simple lodging, transportation and other routine projects extremely difficult to execute in Nigeria.

This is where BES comes in, as a business of trust. To run your errands for you in Nigeria with total honesty and 100% reliability. We take away all the trust hassles you may have about fraud around your cross border requests. We take very reasonable fees but you can be rest assured of godly treatment of all your requests through us. We render customised and exclusive services. We will deal your request as you would have done them for yourself. BFK, the anchor for this trust business is a completely sold out Christian with daily working out his salvation with fear and trembling as an attitude. With him, you will get exactly what is promised. Your one cent shall not be compromised, every dollar/pound accounted for. He is determined to teach the world trust and the fear of God through these services.

We will expect more to get to know us and patronize our services through recommendations and referrals from those who have trusted us with errands close to their hearts in the past without regrets.


Minimize the chance of being swindled or defrauded, use BES!

Some of the errands we have run for trusting clients include:

  • Distribute up to $10,000 to given list in Nigeria.
  • Arrange safe pick-up, commuting- throughout- stay and drop-off for visiting clients. – no safety worries.
  • Procure and prepare sensitive edible items for shipping abroad.
  • Inspect and advise clients on land and other properties.
  • Secure exclusive lodging facilities as agreed with clients.
  • Visit relatives and deliver messages as agreed.
  • Relate with certain institutions on behalf of clients to get actual things done, just as if the client were around himself/herself.
  • The list is endless, just discuss your requests.

Trust is what we’re selling.

Try us once, no more hassles about your affairs in Nigeria!